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Square-Fit PBC Instructors Qualification Course Policies & Procedures Course Description:


Become a Square-Fit PBC Qualified Instructor

Square-Fit Pro Boxing & Conditioning (“Square-Fit PBC”) Qualification Course is a comprehensive boxing and conditioning course for fitness professionals. Participants will learn how to teach a unique boxing and conditioning program for individual or group instruction.  The program was designed to enhance athletic performance for all athletes although primarily targeting professional boxers.  The program serves the needs of athletes in any sport as the program addresses speed, balance, core strength, endurance, alertness, coordination, and response time.  By becoming a Square-Fit PBC Qualified Instructor, you will be learning all the necessary skills, principles, and concepts to teach the Square-Fit PBC Basics.  You will be able to teach clients a safe and effective boxing & conditioning program.  This course includes an advanced and informative lecture and additionally a practical workshop.  Participants will learn professional boxing techniques including a variety of foot work and punching combinations.   Participants will be able to formulate boxing routines for individual or group training clients.  The routines taught during this course will challenge fast twitch (explosive power) and slow twitch (endurance and fatigue resistant) muscles and provide a unique way of strength training for your clients. You will be able to help your clients to strengthen their core and burn fat through a variety of fun and challenging compound body movements.


Instructors Qualification /4-Week Course Requirements:

Complete 15 hours of course work as follows: 
• Attend 4 Square-Fit PBC Basic 1-hour workshops onsite or online
• Attend 2 informative l-hour lectures 
• Complete 6 online 1-hour Square-Fit PBC instructional workouts
• Record four 2-minute Square-Fit PBC videos of yourself teaching Square-Fit PBC Basics
• Written essay on The Human Center of Gravity (1 page)
• Written essay on The Laws of the Square and The Seven Key Connectors (1 page)
• Attend 5 Square-Fit PBC online classes or attend in-person classes taught by a licensed instructor
• Attend 5 CEC  online workshops in the first year
• Pass written exam with a minimum score of 70%
• Pass the practical exam with a minimum score of 70%


K-Fit Consulting Group and student/enrollee enter into this agreement under which the student will pay fees as indicated below as well as attest to receiving a copy of the course rules and regulations as set forth in the Square-Fit PBC Instructors Qualification Course Policies & Procedures.  

 -Square-Fit PBC Qualified Instructor- Includes: Online Course Manual, Square Equipment,          Positioning & Transition Chart, Seven Key Connector Chart, Online Instructional Videos- $875

 -Square-Fit PBC Qualified Instructor- Facility Owner- $1500
 -Square-Fit PBC Facility Full Licensing- $75,000 / $135,000 with buildout 
 -No Refunds
 -If K-Fit Consulting closes or discontinues a course or program, a refund will be provided.  
 -Square-Fit Membership Includes: License Fee, CECs, Website Listing, Discounts on all Square      Wear, Accessories and Monthly Square-Fit Virtual Training


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