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Square -Fit Pro Boxing & Conditioning.


 In this fitness program you will learn professional boxing techniques that include a variety of punching combinations. This program serves to integrate the legs, core and upper extremities. This program will also guide you through boxing routines that will allow you to  improve your core strength, and multi joint movements.  Square Fit Pro Boxing Conditioning will help you burn fat and tone, and sculpt the body at the same time. The exercises will challenge fast twitch and slow twitch muscles and will give a new meaning to your workout.  It's a new way of strength training that involves cardio without the use of machines. So come on and go to the next level, while you enjoy a new challenge and fast results!


  • Fat Burning

  • Full Body Muscle Toning

  • Improves Strength

  • Improves Cardiovascular Health

  • Endurance/Stamina

  • Improves Core Strength

  • Improves Symmetry

Meet the Square Fit Creator!


     Keith Johnson has a well-established career and reputation in the fitness world that spans over 30 years. The moment you meet him, you’ll recognize his high energy and love for life and people.

     In 1994, Mr. Johnson opened the doors of Health First Wellness and Fitness Center, one of the first training facilities of its kind in the area. He has been diligently serving the local community by providing specialized fitness and wellness programs for men, women, children, seniors, and athletes. In 1996, Mr. Johnson established a Women’s Boot Camp Program Group, a training program that has helped women of all ages improve their health and lose weight. In addition to that, in 2002, he launched a walking program for employees at the National Institute of Health to encourage employees to choose a healthier lifestyle. He has spent years managing various fitness centers throughout the D.C. area.

 Mr. Johnson has acquired certifications in nutritional, physical training, and wellness, and has trained award-winning Special Olympians, Senior Olympians, WNBA players, and Professional Boxers. 

     With his love and passion for cooking and studying nutrition, in 2010, Mr. Johnson established “Keith’s Treats & Eats,” a restaurant located in Laurel Maryland (aka “the Home of the Sweet Potato Bread”).  “Keith’s Treats & Eats” manufactures snacks and food products for its local customers, restaurants, and grocery stores to include Wegmans Food Markets operating in Maryland and Virginia. 

     Mr. Johnson is the creator and Master Trainer of Square-Fit Pro Boxing & Conditioning, where he has been able to open the door for a large number of clients and professional fitness trainers who are ready to take their fitness world to the next level. This program, in its early stages has already received national notoriety from Pro Athletes and fitness professionals as being the best boxing conditioning program around. From basic group instruction to Pro Athlete training camps, Mr. Johnson’s fitness expertise and creativity has changed the world.  

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